Next Century


Based in Uptown, Chicago at Broadway & Lawrence. 22c is focused on developing local, long-lasting relationships and is on a mission to help cause a better future through sustainable project development and people investment.

We want to help build the communities we're in.

We are focused on building partnerships in Uptown. We do this through job training, open source development sharing, and we're in the process of forming a local sustainability program for students to get trained by experienced industry leaders, obtaining professional certifications, getting access to company start-up funds, early stage project development funds, and more. This program will be launched by the end of 2023 and will will grow to other parts of the state as 22c grows.

We honor your land and where you're from.

We know land is everything. It’s a part of your family, it’s a part of your community, and it has a natural use and habitat that we will always put first. 22c will analyze your property, provide feedback on what we think may work, and let you know what the next steps are whether that may be for renewable energy or a more traditional residential or commercial development. We value true transparency in all deals and always create custom financial incentives for our property owners.

We’re Leaders in property development.

We develop all over the country but our primary focus is our home state of Illinois. We are on the cutting edge of all uses and technologies to enable you to get the best return on your property while also maintaining your vision for how you want the property to be used in the future. We prioritize what you think is best for siting, the timing of the development, and all agreements we structure are negotiable from day 1.  Our agreements are the most flexible in the industry and aren't 'traded away' after you sign like others: we are your one-stop-shop and are with you during development, local and state approvals, and through construction.

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